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Listed below are a few of the many services I offer. Please don't hesitate to contact me about your project needs.

Design Services

Let me help you realize a vision by providing over 13 years of design experience to turn your dreams into reality. I can help you visualize an environmentally friendly room addition or remodel to your home or business and help schematically space plan a ground up building.

Drafting Services (2D and 3D)

I am an Autodesk Certified Revit 2010™ Associate & Professional. Specializing in working drawings of all types including but not limited to:

  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Construction Details
  • Site Planning
  • Master Planning
  • 3D Massing Studies

 Send me your digital ideas and I will provide you with a quote on performing the work. I can provide drawings in many electronic formats (dwg, jpg, dxf, pdf, etc.) or hard copies (paper) as needed up to E-size plots.

On Site Record Drawings / Field Verification / As-Built Measuring

Have an existing building you need inputted into CAD? I can provide on site measuring and field verification of existing buildings and turn it into CAD plans for your use.

Design Support

Is your office short handed? I can provide design and drafting support to your office. Whether you require an additional CAD drafter, code researcher, or experienced designer, let me help with 11+ years of design experience in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

BIM Software Training

Let me teach you the latest tips and tricks in one of the fastest growing software platforms. That platform is Building Information Modeling (BIM). I can teach users one on one or in small group settings how to use and utilize Autodesk's Revit Architecture program and help you get the most productivity out of your design documentation process.

Permit Review Assistance for Local Building Departments

Have a set of house plans from an online resource, but don't know what is required for your local building department? Let me review your residential plans to verify that you will have a successful plan review process during city review.

Full Color 3D Renderings

Utilizing some of the latest advances in design software technology, I provide full color realistic 3D renderings. Used for marketing presentations, fund raising events and campaigns, a photo realistic rendering can help sell your idea. Please view my Gallery to see examples.

Paper or CAD Drawings Conversion (2D & 3D)

Have an idea drawn on a napkin? Have some old blueprints you need to be usable? Let me convert either your hand drawn ideas or existing blueprints into CAD drawings. I can take your paper drawings into 2D CAD drawings, or take your 2D drawings and make them into a 3D model.

Time, Payment & Fees

I track my time to maintain accurate records of time worked for each of my clients. Time is billed in fifteen minute increments. I will make every effort to keep you informed regarding time spent to avoid overages or hours in excess of an agreed upon maximum.

Payments and Invoices: I invoice my clients via e-mail typically the last day of the week. Clients can pay by check, or they can process their payments through Intuit Payment Network. Intuit is known for TurboTax, QuickBooks, Quicken and other financial programs. Clients set up an account with Intuit, providing a bank account number and routing number. I process a Request for Payment through Intuit, attaching the monthly invoice. The client receives an email from Intuit, clicks on the link provided, logs on the Payment Network and processes the payment. The payment is deducted directly from the client’s bank account. 2 or 3 days later the payment is deposited to my business checking account. I choose to use Intuit because it’s really simple and each electronic funds transfer costs me just 50 cents.

Intuit Payment Network

I'm also now processing Inuit Go Payment. Go payment allows me to accept credit cards on location where ever I am using an attachment to my smart phone. It's simple and secure. I simply swipe your credit card through the device, you sign on my phone's screen, then the Intuit payment processing center emails you a reciept almost instantly.

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